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Our objective for the website redesign, is to provide users with a better website experience.  A new look and larger graphics will allow users a clear view of what JD Grove Signature Furniture has to offer. Customers can now place orders for furniture online.

Initially the website will not collect any money during the order process.  The customer will be prompted that “no money is due” and “payment arrangements will me made at a later date”.  If the response is positive and it drives work requests up, then the merchant account can then be hooked up.  Let the online sales begin.  🙂

Website Features

  • Easy to use Content Management System : CMS by WordPress
  • Easy to use Shopping Cart System : Ecommerce by WooCommerce
  • Responsive Theme scales website to all devices : Custom design by A Working Website
  • Clear and easy to use Menus and Navigation System
  • Interactive Admin User Tutorials to help learn WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Much much more!!!
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