Handcrafted Signature Furniture

Warranty & Care of Handcrafted Furniture

JD Grove guarantees each hand-built piece of furniture will be free of defects in material or workmanship to the original purchaser. This warranty applies to normal household use but does not include negligence, improper use, accidents, or commercial use. We will repair or replace the defective item at our sole discretion. Some customer requested modifications may not be covered.

Color and grain patterns are unique to each piece of wood. The finishing process used enhances the wood’s natural beauty, therefore differences naturally occur and make this fine furniture more appealing. As wood ages it tends to darken, especially in the presence of direct sunlight. This happens with all wood, but is most pronounced in cherry. Wood has the tendency to expand in the presence of heat or moisture and contract when cold. These environmental changes could cause fine hairline cracks and are considered to be a normal part of the aging process. Please keep your furniture away from heating appliances and use coasters or pads under hot or cold food and drinks.

A few words about child safety. Furniture is not a climbing device and could cause serious injury. Using drawers for steps or doors for a swing could cause a piece to become unstable and fall. Body parts such as fingers could be pinched by the closing of a door or drawer. JD Grove is not responsible for any accidents incurred during the use of this furniture.


Dust regularly with a soft cloth wiping with the grain of the wood. Should your furniture need cleaning, Guardsman brand cleaners and polishes are recommended. Always avoid cleaning products which contain silicone and all commercial cleaners.

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