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All my furniture is handcrafted by me, Joseph D. Grove. Making furniture is my passion. Cherry, red oak, tiger maple, and walnut wood choices are provided to attain the look you want. Each type of wood has its own character. Whether it is the strong grain of oak, mysterious stripes of tiger maple or the classic subtleness of cherry or walnut, each piece is unique.

Sugar Chest by JD GroveWhen I was a young boy, I decided I wanted to be a cabinetmaker. I realized my love of the craft years later while making a coffee table with my father-in-law. He was meticulous in his joinery. He said, “If a razor blade will stick in a joint, it needs re-cut to fit properly.” Uncompromising workmanship embellishes this fine furniture. Following that philosophy, quality is of utmost importance. I use all solid hardwood and solid brass hardware. Mortise and tenon joinery for case assembly and dovetailed drawers (front and back) ensure lasting quality. The backs of my casework pieces are either ship-lapped or made of frames and panels which add to the overall rigidity of the piece. Each piece is created individually and time is taken to provide only the highest quality product. After all, each piece is signed, dated and registered by myself, master craftsman JD Grove. This furniture will surely be handed down to generations to come and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Each piece of furniture can be altered in size or design style to meet your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss your alterations or to place an order at sales@jdgrovefurniture.com or phone 717-860-3281.

All pieces are fully guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Please see the warranty page for more details.

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